Russia in Figures 2006 Издательство: Federal State Statistics Service, 2006 г Мягкая обложка, 464 стр ISBN 5-89476-224-3 Тираж: 300 экз Формат: 70x90/32 (~113х165 мм) инфо 8353n.

Редактор: А Масляненко The handbook contains information on the socio-economic situation of Russia in 2005 as compared with the previous years It presents data characterizing the public structure of аъиувthe Russian Federation, production and use of the Gross domestic product Information is published on the population, its employment and money incomes The handbook highlights problems of social sphere, results of R&D work and innovation activities, finances, invesбймачtments, prices and tariffs Some materials are dedicated to situation in organizations of different kinds of economic activities Reflected are the external economic activities and information on the Balance of payments of the Russian Federation Selected international comparisons are also given The handbook is intended for managerial personnel, managers and employees of enterprises and organizations, scientific, entrepreneurial and banking circles, professors and lecturers, under-grбрунеaduate and post-graduate students of higher economic education institutions and other users.

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