Little Women Серия: Penguin Popular Classics инфо 7953n.

От издателя Louisa May Alcott's beloved story is one of the most-read novels ever written It has also proved popular film and telefilm fodder (at least six versions plus a TV series) In addition, Little Womаъзщфen is one of those rare literary projects that can truly be done well on screen This, the 1933 version, chronicles the lives and loves of sisters Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth (played, respectively, by Katharine Hepburn, Frances Dee, Joan Bennett, and Jean Parker) It's a suбйлпсperior rendering to the amiable, perky 1949 version with June Allyson, Janet Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret O'Brien, and Peter Lawford, and comparable to the beautiful, feminist Gillian Armstrong 1994 take Douglass Montgomery's Laurie isn't nearly as dreamy as Christian Bale's (1994), but the lack of chemistry between him and Hepburn's Jo is perfect for the story, in which Jo loves him like a brother Jo's real love she offers up to perhaps the finest Professor Bhaer (Paul Lukas)брузв Character actress Edna May Oliver is at her indignant best as Aunt March Director George Cukor's vision is elegant, warm, and as true to the original source material as 117 minutes allows This Little Women was a huge box-office hit, and broke all the records to that time * * * * * Режиссер: Джордж Кьюкор Творческий коллектив Дополнительные материалы Theatrical trailer(s) Isolated music cues: Main Title, Main Title Alternate, The Witch's Curse, Polka Medley, Bluebird Polka Notes on the Hepburn & Cukor collaboration Awards Режиссер Джордж Кьюкор George Cukor Джордж Дьюи Кьюкор родился 7 июля 1899 года в Нью - Йорке (США) Творческий путь он начал в театре в 1919 году, устроившись помощником режиссера в чикагский театр "The Better "Ole"" С 1920 по 1927 годы Джордж Кьюкор работает режиссером в театре "Лицеум" Актеры (показать всех актеров) Кэтрин Хепберн Katharine Hepburn Родилась в Хэртфорде, штат Коннектикут, в сембтиырье врача После окончания колледжа играла в небольших ролях на Бродвее Дебютировала в кино, снявшись в фильме "Билль о разводе" (1932) Фильм имел огромный успех и положил начало ее блестящей актерской Джоан Беннет Joan Bennett Пол Лукас Paul Lukas.

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